Navigating the Website and Web App

We’re celebrating Walk to Tuk’s tenth birthday with the launch of a new website! To help you navigate the new features, we’ve created this page full of useful information.


If you’re a visual learner, check out our instructional videos:

Website and Web App FAQ

If you’re having trouble, the following information might help.

Why can’t I add time to my account?

A) Receiving error message that says “You can time log only in currently active submission!”

  • If you’re seeing this error message, you’re likely trying to enter time for a period that has been locked in. This handy calendar will help you keep track of submission deadlines, which happen at 11:59pm on the dates indicated. Submission deadlines are meant to help keep everyone motivated on their Walk to Tuk, but if you’ve missed a deadline and have activity to enter for a locked-in period, not to worry!
  • Solution: To log any outstanding activity from a locked-in period, you will need to add it to the current period. For example, if you walked for 45 minutes on January 11 and 60 minutes on January 12, but didn’t have a chance to upload that time to the website before the January 13 deadline, then you will log 105 minutes on January 13 (in addition to any activity minutes you did on January 13).