We love seeing what Walk to Tuk means to you and your team, and how you’re getting there!

Send us a photo walking with your dog, with your grandparents or your kids, of your icicle moustache, or of the beautiful landscape you walk across, and you could win a $50 gift certificate from Mountain Equipment Co-op. Winning photos will also be shared on the Walk to Tuk website and social media channels.

There are four categories for photo submissions:

1. #FrostyFaces

Show off your frosty faced, ice mascaraed, and snotcicled mug shots. Check out the #FrostyFaces Walk to Tuk 2019 photo album here.

2. #DogWalktoTuk

Lots of people Walk to Tuk with their furry four-legged friends ­– so why not show them off? We’d love to see photos of you and your pooch! Use the hashtag #DogWalktoTuk to share on social media. View all the frosted furry faces of #DogWalktoTuk from 2019 on our Facebook photo album.

3. Beautiful Places

Where do you walk? We love to see the hoar-frosted branches, fiery 10 a.m. sunrises, and unique landscapes where you leave your footprints. Haven’t seen the highlight reel from Walk to Tuk 2019? Check out the YouTube video here.

4. #GenerationsOnTheMove

This year, we’ve added a new photo contest category to our repertoire for all of the intergenerational walking being done!

Walk to Tuk is a great way to connect people across generations in a fun and active way. When opportunities are created for people of all ages to come together, it strengthens community ties and increases active, healthy aging in our communities. Walking is one of the best exercises for seniors and Elders. Getting your heart rate up reduces the risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It also increases muscle strength, flexibility, and a sense of balance, all of which reduce the risk of falls. Best of all – walking is a great way to visit with your friend, aunt, uncle, or grandparent!

So, send us your intergenerational Walk to Tuk photos! How is your team getting active from toddler to Elder? Use the hashtag #GenerationsOnTheMove and share the intergenerational connections you’ve made during Walk to Tuk 2020 with us!

How It Works

To submit a photo, email it to walktotuk@nwtrpa.org 


Post it on social media and tag us @nwtrpa – Don’t forget to include the hashtags #WalktoTuk, #FrostyFaces, #DogWalktoTuk, or #GenerationsOnTheMove for others to see them too!


If you’re using our new web app, you can also upload your photos to your Photo Gallery and we’ll make sure they count as an entry.

Gift certificates will be drawn on February 3, 2020 and on March 2, 2020. One gift certificate for each category will be awarded at the beginning or February, and one gift certificate for each category will be awarded at the beginning of March.

Participants can enter into multiple draws with multiple photos.


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