This is the tenth year of Walk to Tuk and, if you can believe it, some Walk to Tukers have been with us since the very beginning. They’ve seen name changes (the initiative used to be called the Mackenzie River Walking Challenge), technological updates (captains used to record their times and send them in by email) and an incredible growth in popularity (only 550 people participated in year one).  

Denise McDonald from Inuvik is one of these Walk to Tuk veterans. Denise has been participating in the annual Walk to Tuk program since it began in 2009 and walking around her community (and beyond) even longer. Why is Denise such a big fan of the Walk to Tuk program?

Well, there are a few reasons.  

It inspires her to get out during the coldest months of the year and stay social. Not only does this make her existing friendships stronger, but it makes way for new friendships too!

Denise also enjoys the fact that Walk to Tuk encourages her to remain active, despite the dark days and plunging temperatures. During the time of year when many people want to hibernate, she finds that regular walks help to manage stress. An outdoor enthusiast, Denise appreciates the natural beauty that surrounds her and says that “we have a beautiful land to explore.”  

We are so glad to see Denise return to Walk to Tuk so many years in a row! She motivates and makes meaningful connections with people on her team. She wants people to remember that the Walk to Tuk program is for everyone; it doesn’t require any special equipment. When she’s on the road and a lap around the Boot Lake trail isn’t possible, Denise adapts. Sometimes a good mall walk, when she’s out of town, gets her heart rate pumping!


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