You've done it! You've made it through the depths of January and the doldrums of February and now you've broken through into March. Whether you made it to Tuk, made it back to Fort Prov. or neither, well done! All that's left to do is submit your final times. And today is the day to do it.

For this deadline, you should submit all activity you have not yet recorded on the Walk to Tuk website. All activity should be submitted before 11:59 pm, tonight. If you are a team captain or “Self Registered”, you can enter time for yourself. If your team captain registered you, they will enter your activity on your behalf.

If you need instructions on submitting your time, check our our How-To: Website and Web App Help page. There you will find both written and video instructions. 

New Website Features

For Walk to Tuk's 10th anniversary we launched a brand new website, which is incredibly exciting for all of us here at the NWTRPA. Our old website had served us faithfully but it was time for a change.

The new site allows us to offer a whole host of new features that would never have been possible with the old system. What are these new features? Below we’ve detailed two:

  • Accounts That Carry Over Year-to-Year – That's right! In our unending mission to make life easier for team captains, our new website won't require that your re-create your team each year that you participate. Instead, you'll be able to log into your account next year with the same credentials as you did this year. And when you do, all of your team's information will appear just as it did year before. But don't worry, if you want to make changes to your team, such as changing your team name or adding or deleting members, you can still do that. 
  • Comparing Progress Year-to-Year – This new feature is closely related to the one above, of course, but it's worth mentioning. Because your account and team from last year will be saved, you'll be able to easily compare your team's distance walked to that of previous years. That means your team can work on raising the bar every year. 

Need more help with the new website?

Looking for more help navigating the new website and web app? Visit our How-To: Website and Web App Help page to access more “Walk to Tuk How-To”s and instructional videos. We will continue to add information here, so do check back regularly.

We also have a handy Walk to Tuk Calendar if you need a reminder about deadlines!


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