Walk to Tuk has come a long way in ten years, from an idea to a incredible community-led initiative that has helped thousands of NWTers lead healthier, more active lives. But it hasn't happened for no reason. There are a crowd of people and organizations who have made Walk to Tuk possible during those ten years. So, the Staff of the NWTRPA would like to formally thank everyone responsible. 

Thank you to staff, present and past for the countless hours of work you have put into this initiative. Thank you to the sponsors who have seen the importance of Walk to Tuk to the NWT and donated money to help fund it. Thank you to the volunteers who donated their time to help organize celebrations, sort T-shirts and everything else. Thank you to team captains who submitted their team's times and kept their team members motivated during the dark days of January and February. And thank you to the participants of Walk to Tuk who not only walked all of those kilometres, but told their friends, family, and coworkers about the initiative so that it could reach more people! 

Each and every one of you have made Walk to Tuk what it is today. So, once again, thank you! And here’s to another ten years!


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