Walk to Tuk is done. Good things can't last forever, I guess. Or can they?

Walk to Tuk, or at least the best parts of Walk to Tuk, can continue on if you want it to! Did you find that your body felt better when you were walking every day? Then keep it going! Did you find that it was the community spirit while out with your team members that you enjoyed most? Then make a pact to continue getting together. We know this isn't easy, so we made a list of helpful tips to keep you walking now that the Challenge is over. 

  • Set goals! Part of the genius of Walk to Tuk is that there is a very clear goal that you are trying to achieve (clue: it's in the name). But you can set your own goals - one's that are achievable but challenging. Maybe you want to do four hours of activity every week. Or maybe you want to go for a walk at least once every day. 
  • Get Inspiration! If you’re lacking in motivation, read the story of Eva Henderson. She is 95 years old and is still walking every sing day. We figure that if she can continue to walk at her age, anyone can!
  • The warmer weather! Everyone who takes part in Walk to Tuk should be applauded. January and February are some of the most difficult months to get outside and become more active because it’s so cold and dark. Now it’s March and things are only getting better! The longer days mean you can spend more time outside walking without a headlamp and the warmer weather means you can even shed a few of those layers! In a few months, it will be the beginning of summer and you won’t need that parka at all (hopefully).
  • Make it a part of your schedule! If your team captain isn’t suggesting a team walk every weekend, you might not even think to get outside. But reserving a time during your day or week to get out makes it much easier to keep the habit going. A brisk walk can be a fantastic way of waking up in the morning or a great way to let the stress melt off you after work. Whatever time works best for you, make it a habit and things become so much easier.
  • Join a local walking/skiing/biking/running group or start one of your own. One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to keep your activity up after Walk to Tuk is to do it with others. There are fantastic groups all across the NWT that can help you do that. If you can’t find a group in your community that does your chosen activity, why not make it happen yourself– it is easier than you think. Just get some friends together, set a regular time, and put some posters up encouraging others to take part. You can even contact us (admin@nwtpra.org) to help with promotion.
  • Take advantage of the active areas in your community. Every community has spaces where you can be active, whether it’s the local recreation centre, walking paths, a park, or ski trails. Finding your active area will help you keep your active lifestyle going long after Walk to Tuk is over.


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