Walk to Tuk would not be possible without the help of our sponsors. These are organizations, businesses, and partners who value the healthy, active northern lifestyle and have made it a priority to support YOUR wellbeing this winter. 

NWT and Canadian organizations and businesses continue to work tirelessly in their fields, and have gone the extra mile to supporting the healthy, active, northern lifestyle that the Walk to Tuk is all about! 

Please take a moment to check out our Sponsors page! How many do you recognize? 


Mackenzie Recreation Association, Working Forster and support the development of recreation, volunteers and leadership, we are glad to announce MRA as a sponsor for Walk to Tuk! 

Aboriginal Sports Circle, Working to support and empower healthy, active and culturally connected community needs in the North, ASC is a fantastic organization and it seems a perfect fit to introduce them as a sponsor for Walk to Tuk

Canadian Tire, The always-reliable one-stop shop has a gone great lengths to support Yellowknife and its community! Give a great big thank you to Canadian Tire for supporting Walk to Tuk during these dark months

Northwestel: A great supporter of Walk to Tuk and the North, we are glad to reintroduce Northwestel! They were one of our largest and most engaged sponsors last year, We’re pleased to have the support this year’s Walk to Tuk!

Cabin Radio: A Huge supporter of Walk to Tuk, the radio station that hardly needs any introduction, Cabin Radio is the best place for Northern News! If you haven’t liked their page on Facebook, you’re missing out!

Lawson Lundell: Yet another long-time supporter of Walk to Tuk is Lawson Lundell! A leading full-service business Law firm in Western and Northern Canada, Lawson Lundell works to support Canadians and the North!

White Ice: A idea-turned-to-business that started in 1989 with George and Ollie Bilych, White Ice was created to address the issues to not-so-great ice paint, creating a new easy to use and clean, environmentally friendly ice paint. A huge thank you to White Ice for sponsoring Walk to Tuk! Next time your at the rink, think of White Ice!

NWT/NU Lotteries: NWT/NU Lotteries offers the Walk to Tuk yearly support to get the event created, staffed, and optimized for you- our beloved participants! Without them, the Walk to Tuk would not be the amazing event it is today. 


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