17 Great Reasons to Participate in Walk to Tuk.

Have you heard that Walk to Tuk is a fun way to stay active during the winter, but need a little more convincing before you take the dive?

Here are 17 great reasons that you should participate in Walk to Tuk:

1. It is a fun, free activity open to anyone. Walk to Tuk is an opportunity to forget the pandemic blues, and get moving in a safe, healthy way! It is this year’s biggest physical activity event! 

2. It will help you stay active when you need it most, during the coldest and darkest months of the year. Participants provide social support and encouragement to their team members to get (and stay) active.

3. It is a team activity that encourages all participants, from the youngest to the oldest, to work together towards a common goal.

4. It is easy to track your team’s progress along the river.

5. Walking is great for kids as well! It can improve their concentration, supports their cognitive development, and gets them outside in the fresh air.

6. There are prizes for individuals, teams, and team captains, both at the end of the challenge and each week!

7. It is safe, healthy and an activity that you can do- no matter what COVID relaxing phase our territory is in! 

8. Teams get to choose their own team names.

9. Team captains are provided with lots of support throughout the entire challenge, including access to tracking sheets, activity ideas, and recruitment posters.

10. It is accessible. You don’t need any special equipment. Just good footwear and some warm clothes.

11. It is flexible. You can track and submit time or distance for any activity done in bouts of at least 15 minutes (as long as it is continuous, moderate to vigorous-intensity, aerobic physical activity). This includes walking, running, swimming, biking, or cross-country skiing.

12. There are lots of ways to participate. You can participate with your friends on a community team, with your colleagues on a workplace team, or with your classmates if you are a student.

13. It promotes wellness. Walking has lots of physical and mental health benefits including better focus, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and improved heart and lung health.

14. It has the potential to increase territory-wide physical activity levels, which could result in improved health outcomes for residents of the NWT.

15. It is a great way to experience the beautiful outdoor trails and places in your community.

16. It promotes community cohesion and resiliency.

17. It fosters community engagement and strengthens relationships.


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