Walk to Tuk is here, and so is 2021! Some of us may just be holding out hope that this year proves to be more rewarding than 2020. As our colleague, Amanda says, "2021: The year whose only goal is to be better than 2020".

Walk to Tuk has a bigger goal in mind this year... 

Walk to Tuk is an event that was designed to inspire NWT residents to be active and engaged with each other through the coldest, darkest time of year. It can be hard to stay motivated once the days get shorter, and the winter blues set in. Even more difficult, is when we are less able to get to the gym, play sports, or participate in school recess in the same ways we did pre-pandemic. Northerners are resilient though, and Walk to Tuk helps people to motivate each other to keep going. 

Over the years, we've seen more and more teams participating from across the country, and even around the world!

People love the opportunity to get together from a distance, to start the year off being active, and to celebrate what the North has to offer. But one goal that we want to focus on this year is closer to home. We want EVERY single NWT community to participate in Walk to Tuk 2021! That's right, this event was designed with northerners at its core, and it is important that we make sure every single NWT resident has the opportunity to participate.

Physical activity, spending time outdoors and on the land, collective engagement, and rising to a challenge are at the heart of NWT cultures; each community has something unique and valuable to contribute to the experience. Furthermore, each community has unique challenges to staying active. We want to see all northerners on our Walk to Tuk map, and to hear how YOU'RE walking to Tuk. Are you walking? Snowshoeing? Skiing? Spinning? Maybe you're shoveling snow, or committing to weekly chair/bed exercises? We want to hear about how you're conceptually making your way to Tuk. 

Check out our infographic on which communities still need to join!! Send a message to someone you know who needs to start a Walk to Tuk team- maybe you can challenge them to participate with/against your own team! Let them know about the prizes, the engagement, the stories, and the benefits of walking! Help us with our resolution for 2021: to get ALL NWT residents active this Walk to Tuk season!! 

See you on the way to Tuk! Happy walking. 


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