Hey Captains! 
Here is your weekly Walk to Tuk update; everything you need to know to keep your team moving. 

Walking has started:

  • The first day of the Walk to Tuk challenge was January 1st. Participants can log their time in minutes or kilometres for any activity that is 15+ minutes of continuous moderate to vigorous cardiorespiratory exercise. For more details on what counts, check out our FAQ page. 
  • Times will be considered official every two weeks. This is what will be used to determine who is eligible for prizes. Teams and participants who log time consistently are considered for our weekly prizes. 
  • Did you know that you can interact with your teams through team walks and messages? 
  • Some of you may have noticed that some participants are getting the error message "No Primary Team Found" when attempting to log their time. This issue is being resolved and will be fixed ASAP. We will send you an email this/early next week to let you know that things are back to normal. 

Registration closes next week:

  • If you have any teammates you would like to add to your team, make sure to get them signed up and registered by January 15, 2021. New members will not be able to join after this point. 
  • Know anyone that needs to join Walk to Tuk? Let them know January 15 is the registration deadline! 


As a captain, you already know that prizes are a little bit different this year. Though we're not handing Tshirts to every single participant, we ARE offering way MORE, and BETTER prizes. Looking for ways to motivate your team? How about a 1000$ celebration prize for your team? TWO passes with Canadian North for the grand prize winner? Or Walk to Tuk Tshirts, snowshoes, art, and gift cards as weekly prizes? Take a look at the prize page to make sure your team knows what's in store this year. 

  • Weekly Prizes start this week! The first winners will be announced on Cabin Radio next Tuesday! Get your times in for this week to be eligible. 
  • Keep your eye on our Facebook and Instagram for more information about photo and story contests. 


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