Introducing Sandra Thrasher from Paulatuk, NT- one of Walk to Tuk's biggest champions, physical activity advocates, and amazing photo-taker! 


Written by Sandra Thrasher- Captain of teams: Paulatrekkers; South Wind Trekkers; South Wind Capital Paulatrekkers. From Paulatuk. 

My name is Sandra Thrasher, I have been involved in the Walk to Tuk program for the past 7 or 8 years. I love this program and the incentive to get Northerners active. I also love the Walk to Tuk t-shirts.

I'm always active and I love to travel on the land as much as I can.  I love being outside, even in the winter; the return of the sun; fresh air and the challenge- push me. 

I usually have someone to walk with, usually my younger sister, Lanita, who is on my team group.  Lanita is a big motivator to me- she texts or sends me messages asking me when we are starting our walks. The weekend is our big walk days, as I work from 8:30am-5pm during the week, and she is attending online courses during the week as well. Dark days in our community in January makes it hard to walk far.

Just recently, I walked with our new Parks manager, Stephanie Yuill- she is also listed on my team and she is a serious walker. Stephanie is always out with her dog, either on foot or on skis. 

I am always on the look out for foxes, wolves, wolverines or other animals during my walks, that prevent me from walking further distances. I carry a pocket knife and a whistle, I also feel safe that the dogs are with us. 

I am hoping that we can have a group photo of most of our two teams for Paulatuk before the end of February. 

We love the program, I am super happy to have 36 people registered with the program, I always encourage teammates to send in their walk photos. 

Keep the good work up and Quyanainni (Thank you), to all the sponsors involved!!


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