Photo: Camilla Tutcho showing the Beaver Mitts she made (captain prize). 

Walk to Tuk prizes, for some, are the reason we participate: to get our hands on some amazing flight passes, team recreation grants, or beautiful fur mittens! For others, a prize is the icing on the cake after a job well done. Either way, we are excited to share with you what exactly the final winners will be receiving this year! 

Grand Prizes

There is a grand prize winner for each team category: Community, Company, and School.

Canadian North Grand Prizes

Both the Company Team winner and the Community Team winner are receiving two flight passes each from Canadian North! This is a return flight from anywhere in the western region. This prize is a great opportunity to explore the North, to visit a community you’ve never been to! Nothing wrong with a little northern staycation. We are so grateful to Canadian North. Times are hard for airlines, and they have stuck by the Walk to Tuk with this generous prize donation.

Company Team Winner: Suzanne Nogue, Team JTFN
Community Team Winner: Aaron Waighorn Team MFHWits

Canadian Tire Yellowknife Grand Prize

The grand prize for the School Team this year is a fat bike plus helmet! Generously donated by Canadian Tire Yellowknife! Fat bikes are great for getting around in the winter as the larger wheels have better grip in the snow. They can also be used all year round! This prize is going to a student that we hope can use to stay active this year!

School Team Grand Prize Winner: Emma Fleet, Team LesCastors!

Northwestel Team Prizes

This year, we have MANY team prize winners. One of the prizes we added this year is a Team Recreation Grant. We awarded 12 teams an opportunity to use $1000 of prize money to get out and do something active together! Winners of this grant can connect with their team, tell their Walk to Tuk stories, enjoy a meal together, and keep the momentum going. This grant could be used to rent a wall tent for ice fishing, to go dog sledding, rent a cabin and go for a ski—winners are encouraged to be creative with their activity and celebrate their accomplishment of getting to Tuk as a team!

Team Prize Winners: LRT Amblers, Sitting Ducks, Are We There Yet?, Joint Secretariat, Paulatrekkers, Luna’s Humans, Snowshoes. OMG, St. Pats Irish, Open Doors Society, Deh Gah Dezoa, and CSEC Wolves.

We are also awarding a Team Lunch Prize each to a community team, company team, and school team. Teams keep each other motivated to get their times in, but now we hope you can take some time to relax, enjoy a meal together and have fun!

Lunch Prize Winning Teams: Frozen Five-OSnowshoe Police, and Mildred Hall Eagles.

Team Captain Prizes

This year we tripled the number of Team Captain Winners! Three team captains (one from each category) won a prize as a thank you for keeping their team motivated, logging time, and troubleshooting. Captains hold a special place in our hearts. That’s why our captain prizes are also very special!

Our community captain prize this year is a pair of beautiful mittens made by Camilla Tutcho, who is an Elder from Délı̨nę. She also makes moccasins, gloves, mukluks and wall hangings! Camilla was taught how to bead at age 14 by her older sister, and she loves to teach others. She meets with girls in her community every week to do many different arts and crafts. We are so grateful that Camilla put the time and care into making these mitts that we could purchase to award as one of this year's Team Captain’s Prizes.
Community Team Captain Prize Winner: Emilie Bjornson

Our company captain prize this year is a smartwatch. A winning captain needs the right equipment to keep logging those miles all year long!
Company Team Captain Prize Winner: Cindy Baryluk

Our school team captain prize this year will be a gift certificate to Mountain Equipment Co. This is an opportunity to purchase a treat for yourself. Maybe you’ve been looking into a great pair of snowshoes or upgrading your winter gear or walking boots? This captain deserves a motivational treat for all the work they’ve put in this year keeping our kids active and moving.
School Team Captain Prize Winner: Catherine Boubin-Lavoie


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