Congratulations! Another year of the Walk to Tuk challenge completed. This winter, we spent time with friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers; being active and connecting in a time in our history when connection is what we're craving. You, the participants, have done an AMAZING job of moving your bodies and keeping each other entertained! 

The Walk to Tuk event has been a huge success this year. We are proud to say that more northerners have participated than ever before! This year, we featured northern places, people and stories. We've been inspired by people like Sandra Thrasher who motivates enough people in her small community of Paulatuuq for two full teams! Sandra is the team photographer, cheerleader, captain, and historian—she embodies the spirit of recreation leaders across the NWT who keep us together, connected, and healthy in our communities.

Lois Little talked to us about how the Walk to Tuk is an opportunity to honour the women and girls who went missing or were murdered in the tragic Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls history. Lois and her team 'YK Walking With Our Sisters' use Walk to Tuk as an act of healing, prevention, and resistance against the injustices perpetrated against our mothers, sisters, friends, and loved ones. This season, they taught us all to be more invested in nurturing one another through physical activity, and the outdoors. 

We saw videos, photos, and stories of all kinds of NWT'ers who exemplify the resilient, happy-natured, united spirit of the North. 

These are the people and the aspects of the Walk to Tuk that we love at the NWTRPA—you, the participants! You inspire us every day to stay active and connected and to keep offering programs to get together across generations, beyond barriers, and through healthy, celebratory activities. As a group, Walk to Tuk participants keep each other motivated to take care of themselves through the coldest, darkest, and what feels like the longest parts of the year. 

We've already received a few of your messages lamenting the end of Walk to Tuk.

"We are so sad that the challenge is finishing!" you've told us. "We want to keep going, keep walking, keep moving together!" 

Our response: DON'T STOP! Your success and accomplishment throughout the Walk to Tuk does not mean the end, it is a beginning! An opportunity to take those good habits, and team momentum that you've built over the past months, and put it into more healthy activity in your community! 

One of the features we've been focusing on this year is the Edéhzhíe protection area in the Dehcho Region of the NWT. Ashley Menicoche and other Dehcho First Nations staff members have worked alongside us to deliver stories from Elders, and relay the importance of being out on the land. They have a next step for you...

Introducing: Walk Edéhzhíe

August 1st – September 30th, 2021

"Our Elders walked to Edhezhie all the time—why not us?!" says Ashley Menincoche, Edehzhie Community Coordinator for Dehcho First Nations. 

Similar to the Walk to Tuk, #WalkEdehzhie will encourage participants to walk as much as they can out on the land while keeping track of their distance to make their way around the Edéhzhíe protection area in the Dehcho.

Participants will submit photos by Facebook of themselves picking berries, walking, and sharing traditional foods along the way. 

For more information check them out on Facebook @EdehzhieDehcho or send them a message! You can also learn more about the Edehzhie region here

#WalkEdehzhie is the perfect way to get moving this fall! 

Looking for more ways to keep walking NOW? Here are some ideas. And if you and your team are continuing to walk, we want to hear about it! Send us a photo, a message, or a story! 

10 Ways to Stay Active this Spring

1) Organize a weekly outdoor (or indoor) walk with your team to stay connected and active! Each teammate can choose their favourite trail or track to take everyone to!.

2) Join a local sport or physical activity event together as a team, a family or a group.  

3) Keep logging your time as a team and see how many times you can make to Tuk and back! 

4) Give yourself extra time in the morning to walk to work/school. 

5) Incorporate activity breaks into your day. Set your alarm to remind you and commit to moving for 15 minutes twice per day! Invite a co-worker or friend to join you. 

6) Check out the Mackenzie Recreation Association's Ice Safety Week activities. 

7) Get out on the land. Ice fishing, hunting, walking, chopping wood and so many other activities keep you VERY fit this time of year! 

8)  Participate in your local Elders in Motion, High Five, or Fitness events! 

9) Walk to a friend's house a couple times per week to enjoy their company indoors or outside! 

10) Pick a few of your favourite songs and dance it out while you get ready in the morning to get your day started! 

What do YOU do to stay active after the Walk to Tuk? 


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