If you have Facebook, you already know: the Walk to Tuk 2021 Team Name Bracket is ALL THE RAGE. 

This year is a weird one—we all know it. 2020 has flipped us upside down and sideways and shaken us up a few times over. We're happy to see that a lot of northerners have taken it in stride and turned it into some hilarious and creative team names! So we thought "Hey! Why not share all this whacky creativity with the Walk to Tuk world?" 

So you've been voting for over a month now, and the competition is getting steep! There is a poll almost every day, and we are down to the wire. The Semi-Finals on are on Sunday and Monday—the Final round of the last two teams facing off will be voted on Tuesday. 

What's at stake?? First of all, bragging rights! And... The coveted "I Walked to Tuk" T-shirts for every member of the winning team! 

So head over to our Facebook page @nwtrpa to vote for which team you think has come up with the most creative, catchy, hilarious, or cheeky team name! 


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