Happy January Captains and Participants, 
We're excited to see the benefits of all the extra exercise this winter for you and your family, friends, and communities. This article will help you navigate the next couple weeks of this challenge. 

You may have noticed that this year, we've decided to temporarily change the name of the event to the NWTRPA Walking Challenge. You can read more about this change here


Activity Logging Update: 
As you know, each week we draw prizes for those who have logged activity throughout the previous week. But don't worry- we know that some teams log their time differently. Any team who has activity logged, will have all of their participants eligible! 

Teams are entered for the Weekly Winners draw each Monday for the previous week. You can check out who won in our Weekly Winners newspost. 

This year, there is no time limit for captains and participants to enter their time. Enter it whenever you can- just remember that times for the previous week need to be in by Monday morning in order to count for prizes. 


Prizes and Contests:
Check out the prize page to find out about all the great ways to engage with your team and win prizes together. 

If you have a story about your team you'd like to tell on our news page, send us an email: walktotuk@nwtrpa.org. We will post your story on our website and enter you into a draw to win a great prize each month (psst- chances are really high of winning on this one). 


Website Update: 
Many people have had a hard time logging activity. Some of you have entered your time into the online form- THANK YOU. This time should show up on your account on Monday. If you or some of your teammates have had trouble logging in or logging activity, we've found a way to help you out if you've had some of the following error messages: 

  • Anything with word: JSOR
  • Invalid ID
  • No Primary Team Found
  • Invalid Token

** Make sure that if you're receiving these error codes, you fill out the help form in order for us to get it fixed for you. 

The web developer company is still working to find the root cause of this issue, but they have thankfully found a way to fix individuals' accounts. This work should occur on Monday, January 17, 2022. 


Website Features:
Team Walks: Did you know that you can schedule team walks for your team?? This can be found on your website dashboard. It can be used to have everyone walk together in person (when CPHO restrictions allow), or schedule for everyone to walk at the same time at their own home! You can interact with the team walks, and then message your team about it later right from the team page! 

See you soon, take care of yourself, and enjoy your weekend. 



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