We have created a variety of resources to help with your participation in Walk to Tuk.

Navigating the Website and Web App

We’re celebrating Walk to Tuk’s tenth birthday with the launch of a new website! If you need help with our new Walk to Tuk website or web app, click here.

Reasons to Participate, Official Poster, Calendar, and Printable Map

For Older Adults

For Teachers

For Team Captains

  • Template to Recruit Team Members
  • Walk to Tuk Calendar
  • If you or your teammates aren’t keen to use the web app regularly, these spreadsheets easily track walking times for your team members. It includes a thermometer chart to see your team get closer to Tuk. Just remember, whether you use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to keep organized, times must still be submitted online using the Walk to Tuk web app at least every two weeks (here’s how!).

Google Sheets are similar to the Microsoft Excel documents, but Google Sheets allow all of your team members to see, access, and update their walking minutes for all teammates to see. For more information about how to set this up, see this news post giving detailed instructions.

For Team Members

If you’re a participant and would prefer not to use the new web app, this spreadsheet allows you to keep a daily log of your activity. It includes a walking chart to monitor walking times throughout the challenge.


The Trans Canada Trail: Northwest Territories by Jamie Bastedo

Covering 1,400 miles of water route and almost 400 miles over land, this book offers many exciting options for you to customize your own trip, whether you’re paddling the mighty Big River or biking over the hinterlands of Yellowknife.

The Mackenzie River Guide by Michelle N. Swallow

The Mackenzie River Guide documents the route, history, and stories of the Big River. Full colour and with more than 60 maps, the Mackenzie River Guide is a must for all paddling and Northern enthusiasts.